Wednesday, September 13, 2006

History, part 1

Well, I had plans for this blog, but it hasn't happened until now... I will start with a quick running history for myself.

I ran competitively in high school from freshman to junior years. As a freshman, I worked all year to make the varsity cross country team, and finally achieved varsity by finishing fifth for my team at the Arizona 5A Cross Country state meet. My family then moved to Florida, where I ran 1 and 2 mile track events for my high school. During my sophomore year, I ran cross country and did marginally well, usually placing 2nd or 3rd for my team. My family moved to Georgia, and I ran 1 and 2 mile track events, usually placing 2nd or 1st for my team in those events.

I had my best competitive year my junior year in High School. I ran cross country and was usually the first place finisher for my city's 3 high schools, and usually placed very high when we ran against other region opponents. My best 5k cross country times were in the low to mid 16's. For track season, I consistently won the 1 mile race, and won or placed high for the 2 mile race. I ran the 800 meter race once, and ran a 2:02, beating my two teammates by 3 or 4 seconds, but my coach still felt I was better placed in the 2 mile instead. I ran 3 events in our Region event - 1 mile, 2 mile, and 2nd leg of our second team 4x400 team. I won the mile race with a time of 4:32, and I won the two mile race with my personal best time of 10:02 (beating my previous best by about 20 seconds). I ran the two mile in the state meet that year, placing 8th for Georgia 5A schools - my time was 10:17, and not my best effort... I did not run the 1 mile that year.

I ran cross country my senior year, but did not train to the levels I had before... I typically ran low 17 minute 5k times, with a couple high 16 minute 5k times. I was typically the first place finisher for my team and in my city.

After junior year, my established best times for running events were as follows:

400 meters - 0:52.9
800 meters - 2:02 (only ran once!)
1600 meters - 4:28
3200 meters - 10:02
5k - 16:25

I did not run track my Senior year, since I graduated early from high school - I spent my time working and saving for college, and let my running fitness drop off. Also, I had the unfortunate luck of working in construction, and injuring my foot - subsequent doctors and therapists diagnosed me with plantar fasciitis, though many of my symptoms did not line up. My therapy was ultimately ineffective, thus dulling my desire to run. When I would train or run, starting off running would be very painful near my heel... then my foot would go numb, and would be fine for the remainder of the training run or race. Shortly after the race or training run, the pain would return, and would often feel like sharp stabbing pains in my plantar fascia. This spilled over to my freshman year of college, and effectively discouraged me from running.

I have two disappointments about my high school and college running. I did not push myself to see what my maximum potential was. I trained just enough to place well or win my district and regional races. Then, when I went to college, I did not work hard through my injury, and ended up not running for several years. Looking back, I wish I had pushed myself to see what my maximum performance was... even if it wasn't much better... so I would know that I did my best, and what my best was.

I will continue History later, and my "comeback" training.


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