Wednesday, September 13, 2006

5k Disapointment

After progressing well for a year, I took a big step backward on Sunday. I ran the same Corporate Challenge 5k that I ran for the past 2 years, and ended up running over 30 seconds slower than last year, even though they shortened the course to be more accurate. I ran an 18:59. It makes no sense to me with all the gains I have been making and the work I've been putting in that I could do so poorly.

On the plus side, it has me very motivated again to train hard. I have been doing two-a-days... I run 6 miles in the morning, faster than a recovery run, and focus on my form, which I think has suffered. I run 3 miles in the evening at a faster pace. I am trying to work out all the details of what I plan to do... at this point, I think the schedule will look something like this:

Sunday - Off
- morning - 6 miles medium-easy
- evening - Capacity or Speed workout (4x1 mile, 3-5 minute rest or other)
- morning - 6 miles medium-easy
- evening - 3 miles medium
- morning - 6-8 miles medium-easy
- evening - 3 miles medium
- morning - 6 miles medium-easy
- evening - Tempo run (2-3 miles @ :20 slower than 5k goal) - add Hills
- morning - 6 miles medium-easy
- evening - 3 miles medium-easy
Saturday - Long Run (10 miles now, up to 16 later)

One of my running friends has encouraged me to run a 15k with him on Saturday... I may bandit it, and just run 10k of the race to see what I can do.



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