Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Second Race Times

Although I wasn't really feeling like running on Tuesday, I decided to run the Luke's meet anyway as training. It was after a rainstorm, so even though the humidity was a little high, the temperature was nice, and there was no wind.

In the mile, I ran a slow first lap, and got boxed in for the second lap. When I saw an opening after about 750 meters, I took it and broke out to the lead. I pushed hard for 600 meters, and held a pretty nice lead, and just tried to maintain my stride through the finish. I broke 5 minutes for the first time this season!

The 800 I didn't do as well, and didn't try hard enough catch the guy who passed me at the 350 meter mark - he beat me by .5 seconds. But, I maintained 2 even splits, and probably could have kicked hard and knocked another second off, so I am happy that I improved a little from 2 weeks ago.

Total - 30

Race - 1 mile @ 4:59.81; 800 (1:08.75, 1:08.93) @ 2:17.68

Interval 1 - 8 x 600 @ 1:57 (1:51 last 600)
Interval 2 - 6 x 400 @ 1:09; 7 x 200 @ :33



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