Wednesday, May 16, 2007

First Race Times

Tuesday of this week was my first Luke's Locker All-Comers track meet. I wasn't sure where I stood speed-wise, but I was thinking I was trailing my 2006 track fitness level. I was treating this meet as a training session, but with hopes that it would help me determine where I stood. I planned on running 3 events, and I had several goals:

1 mile - 5:20
800 - 2:20
400 - :64

I ran the mile first, and thought I was a little fast on my first 40o (1:16), but felt very good, so I ended up keeping up the pace, and finishing with a faster time than I expected - 5:04.85. The mile tapped me out, and I was not feeling like running the 400 when the time came - I ran it anyway, and was very happy to hit a 1:01 time. The 800 was the next race, and I managed to get under my goal - 2:19.69. It wasn't too warm, and there was a decent wind on the track. I was going to try my spikes in the 400, but didn't get the time to screw the spikes in before the race, so I ran in my lightweight trainers.

So, I hope I can at least maintain these times till I can add some speed, and cut the times down a bit! I also did some leg weights toward the end of the week.

Total - 34
Race - 1 mile (1.16.66, 1.17.26, 1.15.63, 1.15.30) @ 5.04.85; 400 @ 1:01.03; 800 (1:11.04, 1:08.65) @ 2:19.69

Interval 1 - 8 x 600 @ 1:59
Interval 2 - 5 x 200 @ :34, 3 x 400 @ 1:08, 5 x 200 @ 33



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