Tuesday, June 05, 2007

First Qualifying Time

I arrived late for this weeks Luke's meet, so I wasn't in time to warm up to run the mile. I decided to just run the 800. I entered the 2:15-2:25 heat. I started too fast and went through the first 200 in 31 seconds. I held the 400 to 65.65, and faded my last 150 meters (no kick), and was passed by a strong finisher who was probably about 3 seconds faster than me. However, my time was good, and I finished at 2:14.18, good enough to meet the minimum qualifying time for the Nationals. That means I most likely am going to San Diego in July!

I still would like to improve my times... I would like to hit the minimum qualifying time of 4:55 in the 1 mile, and would like to hit 2:10 or better in the 800 before the national meet. I only have 4 more meets to trim down my times, so I'm trying to switch into overdrive! I definitely need some speed down the homestretch - it used to be easy to beat ANYONE in the last 100 meters, now I have no kick.

Total - 30

Race - 800 @ 2:14.18 (1:05.65, 1:08.53)

Interval 1 - 10 x 400 @ 1:14
Interval 2 - 4 x 800 (600 @ 1:55, 200 sprint untimed); 4 x 300 accelerations to full sprint w/ 100 recovery



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