Sunday, July 20, 2008

2008 USCAA Championships

This was a marginal race year for me. After the baby, new boss, and some other things, my times did not match last years. My base mileage was ok, but my fine tuning that should have happened on the track, didn't. Even so, I did ok with my events.

Here is the breakdown of the July 19-20 USCAA Championships. I ran all my events on Saturday 7/19/07.

Submaster Distance Relay (3rd Leg, 1200 meters)

In this race last year, I ran a great leg and set us up in 1st place, but we still managed to come in 2nd. We got a good start, and I was in first place by a few seconds when I receive the baton. By the time I was around the first curve, I heard someone behind me catching up... the UNUM team was cheering the person on. I kept the same even pace, and by the time I returned to the same spot in the track, the cheers for the person behind me came a little later. I was never passed, and ran 3 even laps. My split was 3.38.74, which was a full 10 seconds slower than my split on this same event last year! However, this year, we won the event!

Distance Relay (2nd Leg, 800 meters)

By the time I received the baton, we were already way behind 1st and 2nd (more than 200 meters). It didn't matter - last year, we put the best team out that we could, and still only managed 3rd. I did not run all out, thinking about saving myself in case I was needed for another event. My split was 2.24.9, which was not great.

Pyramid Relay (prelim) (3rd leg, 1200 meters)

I ran this prelim event, and ran even splits. My split was 3.57.82 - took it easy!

I definitely would have liked to have performed better and contributed more to this years team. We won the event again, and this year it was a larger margin. I'm going to explore alternative training methods, maybe more quality vs. quantity.

So, goals for 2009 (I missed all last years goals):

400 - 58
800 - 2:08
1600 - 5:50



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