Friday, June 29, 2007

Last Lukes for 2007

This was the last Lukes race for 2007. I wanted to do well in my last race, so my motivation was up from previous weeks. I planned on running the 1 mile and the 800. The Tuesday race was rescheduled because of torrential downpours and lightning. It was rescheduled for Thursday - with heavy clouds and rain. But, preceding the race, it was just overcast. I was tired from the night before, so I crashed on a bench under a tree for 20 minutes. I started warming up, thinking my heat would be around 7:20 - but, because of the reschedule and impending weather, we had light turnout. I managed 2 laps, about 45 seconds of stretching, and 3 sets of strides for warmup before the gun for my 1 mile went off.

I ran well... although I didn't have anyone to chase. I led from beginning to end, and kept fairly even splits. I managed my best 1 mile time post-high school. Shortly after the 1 mile was over, the rains started. I didn't stick around for long, abandoning my plans to run the 800. Regardless, I now have two qualifying times for the trip to San Diego!

Total - 24 (rained out one day)

Race - 1 mile @ 4:55.51 (1:15.14, 1:15.47, 1:12.75, 1:12.15)

Interval (Sprints) - 2 x 400 (1:01.02, 1:03.16), 2 x 300 (47.04, 47.32), 2 x 200 (30.00, 29.40)



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