Friday, August 24, 2007

Week 8/25/2007

Took the first part of the week off since my left foot was still a little pained. By Tuesday, I was feeling better, so I ran an easy 6 on Wednesday. It felt pretty good. I took a day off and then ran a hard workout and did very well. I followed it up with an easy couple runs. I'm targeting next week to run a cross country long run at Erwin Park. I think that, along with my intervals and hard tempo runs, will help bring my 5k road race time down below 18. The tempo run I ran on Friday night in practice was the equivalent of a 16:44 5k!!! It's funny, because I thought I had started too fast, and was afraid I would die badly in the last couple laps, but I did quite well!

Total - 18

Tempo - 6 laps @ 5:23 pace (8:05.68 - 2:43.73, 2:45.25, 2:36.70)


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