Sunday, August 05, 2007

Back To Training

I need to get ready for the Richardson Corporate Challenge 5K on September 16. I took a week off after the USCAA Track meet to climb and explore National Parks, but I'm back into the swing of things. My first run was planned on being an 8 miler, but my body was NOT in the mood, so I cut it in half. But, I was able to get an endurance/speed workout in, and did ok, and ran an ok 2 mile cross country race, so I think I'll get back into it fairly well.

The 2 mile race I did was a cross country race. I ran with Luke Luo and Pedro Jara, two TI Track teammates. We won the Male Submaster division. Luke "jogged" his 11:34, while Pedro and I were a little beat up by running in grass, hurdling hay bales, and the 1/4 mile hill halfway through the race. It was fun though!

Total - 30

Interval 1 - 3 x 1 mile (5.42.33, 5.33.90, 5.39.84)

Race - Last leg of 2 mile race (team times were: 11:34.41; 12:47.44; 12:34.23)


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