Sunday, July 15, 2007

Last Training Week

This was the last week before the 2007 Corporate USCAA track meet in San Diego. I mostly took it easy - one long run, one time-trial 1000, and a lot of easy runs. The 1000, I was shooting for 2:55-3:00, since I am attempting to hit 3:30-3:35 on a 1200. I stayed even through the 400 and the 800, but and thought I picked it up a little through the last 200, but actually struggled a little. I'm confident in a race situation that I will hit 3:30 or faster!

Here's to hoping I do very well in my relays! After the meet, I am planning on visiting Sequoia National Park and climbing Mount Whitney as a reward!

Total - 22

Time Trial - 1000 @ 2:56 (1:10.36, 1:09.87, 36.44)



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