Sunday, September 16, 2007


Bad Week! I started running on Sunday morning, but my body complained... LOUDLY. So, I turned around at 1/2 a mile, and called it a day. I was fatigued on Monday, so took it off. I woke up on Tuesday with my painful foot problem again - in my right foot. I hobbled around a couple days, and since it was still tender on Friday morning, I told the Corporate Challenge 5k coordinator that I probably wouldn't be running on Sunday. But, my foot was feeling ok on Friday evening, so I ran a few miles - about half of it at a pretty quick pace. I woke up Saturday, and my foot was still mostly ok, so I ran an easy 3 miles. We'll see how it works for tomorrow's 5k! I wish I had been able to train completely, but I won't complain if I can help my team.

Total - 8



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