Sunday, January 28, 2007

Back in the Saddle - I Think

I just completed 1 week of running, without reaggrivating my hamstring. Even though I kept the mileage down to 11 miles, I am very encouraged by the fact that I was even able to run several days in a row. After my first day, my legs and lower back were very sore, but that's to be expected after the layoff. Here's to next week being as successful!

Base - 11
Total Mileage - 11

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


So, after taking probably TOO much time off, and doing a lot of stretching and massaging, I think I'm back to the point where I can start running again. I gained some holiday weight, and am still nervous about both the hamstring and the foot, but excited about being able to get back into running.

So far, I've only run twice - 3 miles at a medium pace on Sunday, and 2 miles at a slow pace on Monday. I tried to keep my stride natural and relaxed. My lungs were definitely laboring, and I had to focus on the last 1 mile on Sunday to make sure my form didn't break down. Tuesday I woke up pretty sore, but it's a GOOD feeling to be sore and know it will be better in a couple days.

I'll add more updates as the week progresses. Assuming I am fully recovered, the high-level plan is 1-2 months of base, and then start adding in medium-hard workouts on the track, and see how the legs hold up. If all looks well in April and May, I will start pushing REALLY hard to try to get myself competitive for my corporate July track championship. I just hope I'm not jumping the gun again!!!